wherefore, boots? 11/28/2016. Boot designs aren’t for working women anymore.

time for a cleanup 11/20/2016. Infrastructure to solve environmental hard stops.

Home and Garden

opening salvo: three small trees 7/6/2016. Anchors for a new backyard design.

nature abhors a rectangle  3/24/2016. Tune the American backyard in to its surroundings.

fossil fall 11/4/2015. Leave the leaves for more abundance.

nesting with Google  1/3/2015New technology saves heating bills.

color connection 9/20/2013. Choosing paint color to reference our surroundings.

outside in 5/3/2012. A new place to live at the Gardiner museum inspires design at home.


baa, warm up 3/18/2015. One easy tip to enjoy the winter.

copenhagen i: design for solstice 11/27/2012. Embracing the season.


measured 12/2/2014. Of coffee pods and laundry packs: the scourge of single servings.

good           11/2/2014. Seeking products made to last. (Thank you, Fermob.)

to go           6/15/2014Reducing my take-out drink waste.

grocery store news 9/18/2013. Here comes Whole Foods.

restoration hardwood 6/7/2012. The Restoration Hardware catalog, in context.

Making change

please explain 6/24/2015. Campaigns for change need to use intelligent web graphics like this to describe environmental problems.

here and there, everywhere and elsewhere 6/2/2014. How to fit the environment into busy lives?

copenhagen ii: to ride a bike  12/3/2012. Riding a bike to the climate talks.


nature in the new year 1/2/2015. Remembering to connect.

in my own backyard `10/29/2014Worry and hope, hope and worry.

dials, caps, and folded-up triangles 5/4/2012. The best designs are the simplest.