These links take you to blogs from each of four categories: Connection, Commerce, Construction and Change. Thanks for reading!

the design of Connection. Design choices can connect us with or disconnect us from the natural world, even our immediate surroundings. These choices include the colors that we use in our homes, how we manage whatever outdoor space that we have, what products we buy and how much waste we generate, our energy use, and how we interact with the broader environment around us, such as nearby waterways.

the design of Commerce. We are all a part of global commerce, even if we are usually blissfully unaware of the chains of activity that are conducted just to bring us simple products or food. The harvesting of natural resources, the production of goods or the industry of agriculture, and the transportation of everything that we buy are just a few strands. Many companies are becoming concerned with how to make those chains more efficient and less destructive, while many others are not. What we do, on our end, can send signals that help make shifts in the right direction.

the design of Construction. How our homes, cities, roads, buildings, fueling stations, parks and recreational places are constructed makes a difference in how we live, where we live, and how much we use — electricity, natural resources, chemicals, etc. — to do it.

the design of Change. Many people want to reduce humans’ impact on nature. But not all campaigns for change make the difference we want to see. New designs of campaigns, of public education, and even of our workday — if started from considering the outcomes we want to achieve — could make the difference.